The Best Kona Coffee Brands From Hawaii

The Best Kona Coffee Brands From Hawaii

Kona Coffee Brands-volcanica While there are dozens of great Hawaiian coffee brands, some stand out as the best. We’ll discuss Kona Gold, Keala, Volcanica, and Blue Horse. But how do you tell the difference? Read on to find out! Listed below are the characteristics of these coffee brands. Each of them has unique qualities and is the best choice for your next cup of coffee. And remember, it’s not just the name that counts – the quality of the beans is also vital.

Kona Gold

The locals are proud of their brand of Kona Gold coffee, the only specialty coffee brand originating in Hawaii. Their passion for good coffee is evident in everything from the delicious flavors to the unique taste of their Kona Coffee Cakes. Kona Coffee Cakes are made by locally owned and operated businesses. If you want to experience authentic Kona Coffee, visit one of the local coffee shops. The owner of the coffee shop is a native of Hawaii.

The coffee is naturally low in acidity, making it gentle on the stomach and the palate. It also features a lingering nuttiness and citrus flavor that enlivens the soul. You won’t get that “jittery” feeling from drinking it, but you will feel energized and refreshed. No other coffee brand like it, and no different blend can compare.

The brand’s coffee is available in three grades. “Hawaiian Select” and “Hawaiian Prime” have higher quality standards. Hawaii Prime coffee contains fewer defects than Natural and Kona Gold, but it’s still a fine coffee. The Natural Prime and Mixed Natural Prime coffees are the same, but the latter tend to be blended with the other two grades. As for the first five, Extra Fancy is the best quality, but it’s worth considering that any of them is high quality.

There are many reasons to buy a jar of Kona Gold Coffee. It’s a quality product that makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality coffee. It’s also a perfect choice for those who want to drink coffee from Hawaii. It’s grown in a beautiful location with lush greenery and rich volcanic soil. The Hawaiian Agricultural Society even certifies that it’s 100% Arabica.

Whether you’re looking for a pure Hawaiian experience or something with a more complex flavor, there’s a brand of Kona Coffee for every taste. Its rich, fruity flavor makes it an ideal pour-over. The Kona Gold coffee brand has been around for decades, and its popularity continues to grow each year. But what’s the difference? You can choose from three distinct flavors of coffee, each with its unique taste.


If you’re new to the world of Kona Coffee, then you’ve probably heard of the delicious Keala coffee from Hawaii. This locally-roasted, single-origin coffee has been handpicked from the highest elevations on the Big Island. With notes of peach and citrus, it’s a balanced cup of coffee that’s ideal for drip or manual brewing. Keala coffee is sourced from the slopes of Honolulu on the Big Island.

Sean Lee was raised on the island of Oahu and missed the taste of Hawaiian coffee when he moved to Seattle. He wanted to start a company that focused on quality and embraced the pride of Hawaii’s farmers. Because of this, each batch of Keala coffee is carefully inspected before it is shipped to customers. Keala’s coffee is also expertly blended and hand-picked to ensure the highest quality coffee.

The company behind Keala’s Kona Coffee from Hawaii has become a Seattle-based coffee empire. Keala is the name of a roastery on the island, which sources its ingredients from the most fertile volcanic soil. The result is a robust cup of coffee with a rich, nutty, and fruity flavor. Keala also sources its beans from a single farm and does not add inferior beans.

A single estate in the Kona region grows the unique Peaberry coffee beans. This mutation results in fewer beans in each coffee cherry, resulting in a smoother cup with a richer taste. Keala’s proprietary blends feature a variety of Kona beans, including a medium roast, a peaberry-flavored coffee, and a 100% Kona Peaberry coffee. The Koa Coffee sampler trio is an excellent introduction to Kona Coffee, and each variety has its unique characteristics.

You can purchase real Kona Coffee directly from the farmers when brewing your coffee. You’re rewarding the farmers instantly while also guaranteeing the freshest coffee. It’s also more convenient than buying a blend because you know you’re getting the freshest roast possible. A French press is a preferred method of brewing coffee from the Kona volcanic soil, as it doesn’t use paper filters. You won’t have to worry about bitterness or acidity when drinking real Kona Coffee. The result is a delicious blend that’s perfect for all tastes.


If you’re looking for a great coffee, consider trying Volcanica Kona Coffee from Hawaii. This coffee is grown on the slopes of two volcanic mountains in Hawaii: Mauna Loa and Hualalai. The volcanic soil is surprisingly fertile and contains minerals that make for great coffee. Plus, the climate is moderate. There’s no better place to find a good cup of coffee!

Its unique flavor and aroma are the first thing that will capture your attention. Then, you’ll taste the delicious aroma of the coffee as it rises from the volcanic soil. And if that wasn’t enough, you can always order more. Volcanica Kona Coffee is available at several different coffee shops in the U.S. and worldwide. It’s also grown by local farmers and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the state of Hawaii.

The coffee itself is an excellent choice for those who love a strong flavor but don’t want to risk buying a mediocre coffee. Volcanica Kona is grown on Hawaii’s Kona island and is certified by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. The Hawaii Department of Agriculture has sued many well-known retailers for selling coffee that doesn’t come from the islands. The quality of Volcanica Kona is exceptional, and it is an excellent choice for your next cup of coffee.

The coffee is grown in volcanic soil in Hawaii’s high altitudes. The beans are extra graded fancy and roasted medium. This high-quality coffee is worth the price. Its unique flavor and aroma will make you a fan of the brand! But be warned, it’s not cheap. Buying fresh beans and roasting them properly will ensure you get the most out of your cup of Kona Coffee.

The company Volcanica specializes in coffee beans grown on Hawaiian volcanoes. Volcanica’s Hawaiian Kona Peaberry coffee is a great choice, as it contains small beans that makeup only five percent of the crop. Peaberry beans have an orange blossom aroma and flavors of chocolate, toasted almonds, and honey. The coffee is full-bodied and mellow. It’s one of the best ways to experience the unique taste of this coffee.

Blue Horse

You’ve probably tried Blue Horse Kona Coffee if you love Kona Coffee. Its dark, slightly oily beans have a rich, deep flavor that isn’t acidic. It also has a smooth and aromatic body. The coffee’s low caffeine content makes it an excellent choice for coffee lovers. It’s not cheap, though, at $43 per pound. That said, it is definitely worth the price!

One of the most popular sources of Kona Coffee is Starbucks, which has been serving it for over 200 years. This coffee is roasted on the same farm where it grows. Its unique flavor has hints of fruit, caramel, and chocolate, with an aftertaste of citrus. The company’s coffee is consistently high-quality, and it’s also available in various blends. In addition to Blue Horse, you can also purchase Kona Private Reserve 100% Parry Estate Coffee.

If you’re looking for a high-quality Kona Coffee, Keala’s Kona beans are good. They’re chemical-free, have a smooth body, and offer hints of toasted coconut and passionfruit. The medium roast Blue Horse Kona Coffee has is soft and pleasant, with a delicate aroma and low acidity. You can use it in your french press, Chemex, or a cold-brew machine to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

Another good choice is Green Coffee Traders Kona. The company has been serving consistently good coffee for over 25 years. City Roast’s signature roast is deep brown, just past medium. It’s smooth and satisfying to a wide variety of palates. Mark Twain so prized Kona Coffee beans, and you can enjoy them. The coffee is renowned for its flavor, which is hard to beat.

Those looking for a more expensive, medium-roasted Kona Coffee can choose Blue Horse’s Medium Roast. The coffee’s medium roast has a chocolate flavor with a caramel aftertaste, making it more expensive. Although it costs a bit more, Blue Horse Kona Coffee is worth the price. The 100% Kona Hualalai Estate Peaberry is another good choice and has a smooth finish with notes of cocoa chocolate, ripe lemon, and cedar.

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